We are so fortunate to have such wonderful families at AMA.  Here what some of our parents are saying about Avon Montessori, our staff, the classrooms, and their child's experience at school:

"The response my sons had to Montessori teaching was amazing.  They learned at their pace and were definitely intrigued by elements offered [in the classroom].  Responsibility is somthing my boys continue to practice daily.  [At AMA], they were taught to respect items in the classroom as well as classmates.  There is a great respect for nature as time is spent by the teachers to show the importance of our environment and taking care of planet Earth.  I highly recommend Avon Montessori Academy as a very involved, organized, caring, and respectable school which provides an excellent education for children."

- Angie, mom of Jospeh and Reece

"We are so happy to have our son in an atmosphere where thinking "outside the box" of traditional learning is not only allowed, but encouraged!  Youthful curiosity is nurtured and explored.  The work that he brings home makes us proud of his academic advancement, yet his desire to be a good person makes us the proudest of all."

- Kelly and Mike,  parents of Mekhi

"Our son has thrived at Avon Montessori Academy.  The practical life skills and knowledge foundation he is developing now will serve him tremendously throughout his lifetime.  Our family has grown in so many positive ways since joining the AMA community.  We love all the community events and being able to bond with other AMA families.  We also cherish the relationships we have developed with the AMA staff.  They have become an extension of our family.  We find great comfort and joy knowing our child is spending his school days in the hands of compassionate and dedicated people."

- Christina and Matt, parents of Charlie

"From our very first school visit and classroom observation, my husband and I found the teachers and Head of School at AMA to be warm, welcoming, and attentive to the students.  We also found the school environment to be beautiful, peaceful, and engaging.  Our son is blossoming!  We see how encouraged and curious he is about the world, and we know that has a lot to do with the nurturing Montessori environment he is in and the caring teachers working with him.  The sense of community is so evident at AMA too.  There are numerous opportunities to be involved, even with a busy work schedule.  We feel so grateful and blessed that we found this very special, exceptional place for our son to receive a Montessori education."

- Kristen, mom of Wyatt

"Our family found the world's biggest blessing when we decided to go to Montessori for preschool.  Having watched Wyatt grow academically and emotionally at Avon Montessori has brought joyful tears in his accomplishments and a pride so huge my heart swells.  There is so much love and support from everyone at the school that I am thankful for every day.  Seeing how quickly Wyatt has developed leaves no question that I made the absolute right choice for his education.  I'm looking forward to the years to come."

- Amy, mom of Wyatt

"We love Avon Montessori Academy! My children were able to grow as individuals because of the wonderful teachers, staff, and the Montessori [approach]."

- Michelle, mom of Vincent and Isabella

"As parents of a toddler, we could not be more impressed with our Montessori school family at Avon Montessori Academy and the toddler class teachers.  Of all the schools we looked at for his age group, AMA looks like a school and not a daycare.  We were so impressed with the patience from the Head of School in answering all of our questions and in helping to educate us about Montessori philosophy.  Our son has done so well in his class.  We have seen him respond enthusiastically to his teachers, and we know that they have really grown to understand him.  He absolutely loves school.  He talks about his teachers and his friends at home.  The teachers are patient when they work with him and do a great job communicating any updates with us.  We feel so lucky to have found AMA and to be a part of it."

- Kristy and Patrick, parents of Owen

"When Makayla first started at AMA, she was a typical only child - a little bit selfish and had a hard time relating to kids her age.  She's always been bright but AMA helped her to really grow as a person.  She's still opinionated and stubborn but working in a multi-age classroom has really helped her to be more compassionate to others and she loves to help younger children learn.  It's made her the best big sister.  As parents it has been so rewarding to watch her learn and grow and learn to love learning.  Montessori methods really help nurture her innate curiosity about the world"

- Kate, mom of Makayla

"This fall I had made the decision to enroll my children at AMA.  Within a few weeks of attending Avon Montessori, we noticed a great improvement in my son's self confidence, attention, and focus on tasks.  He is more motivated to learn.  He speaks with admiration and respect for his teacher, who has greatly influenced [him].  Her structure and approach to learning is just what he needed.  My daughter was already self confident, but expresses a desire to do more for herself.  Her teachers allow her freedom to learn through exploring her environment while still providing structure within her day.  She tends to be shy, however she is comfortable at school to be herself.  We also notice that she is less shy in new environments and when meeting new people.  In my opinion these early years lay the foundation for our children later in their life.  I feel like Avon Montessori is building a strong foundation.  My [hope] for my children is that they live up to their potential and make this world a better place.  They can only do this when they learn confidence, respect for themselves and others, structure, a love for learning, patience, and a global perspective which I believe AMA is instilling in their students."

- Christina, mom of Bobby and Maddy