Classroom Wish Lists


With the holiday and giving seasons upon us, the teachers have created Wish Lists of items they could really use for their classrooms.  Please take a moment to look these lists over and if you so kindly purchase something, please email us at to let us know what you bought.  We will then take it off the list. 


As always, we count our school families amongst our biggest blessings and are so grateful for all you do to make this school the wonderful place it is!



The Treehouse - North America Biome Puzzle


Waseca (

  • North America Biome Puzzle (100NA, $75.00)

The Treehouse - Europe Biome Puzzle


Waseca (

  • Europe Biome Puzzle (600EUV, $80.00)


The Treehouse - Antarctica Biome Puzzle

Waseca (

  • Antarctica Biome Puzzle (700AN, $80.00)


The Treehouse - Africa Biome Puzzle


Waseca (

  • Africa Biome Puzzle (200AF, $75.00)

The Treehouse - Asia Biome Puzzle


Waseca (

  • Asia Biome Puzzle (500AS, $75.00)


The Treehouse - Africa Stencil


Waseca (

  • Africa Stencil (435ASMS, $55.00)

The Treehouse - Europe Stencil


Waseca (

  • Europe Stencil (535EUMS, $55.00)

The Treehouse - Australia Stencil


Waseca (

  • Australia Stencil (6350MS, $55.00)

The Treehouse - Cosmic Nesting Boxes


Waseca (

  • Waseca Cosmic Nesting Boxes (987CNB, $85.00)

The Treehouse - Geometric Hierarchy of Numbers


Alison's Montessori (

  • Geometric Hierarchy of Numbers (M159, $350.00)

The Treehouse - Land and Water Form Cabinet


Alison's Montessori (

  • Land and Water Form Cabinet (G117, $110.00)

The Treehouse - Botany Nomenclature


ETC Montessori (

  • Laminated and Cut Lower Elementary Botany Nomenclature (ELC-4068, $175.00)

  • Laminated and Cut Upper Elementary Botany Nomenclature (ELC-4069, $175.00)