A Montessori Approach

What is Montessori?

This is our most frequently asked question!  A few things Montessori is not: it is not a franchise, it isn’t a daycare, it isn’t only for gifted students.  It is not only for students with learning difficulties, and it has nothing to do with a monastery.  Montessori is an educational philosophy developed over 100 years ago by Dr. Maria Montessori.  It has been scientifically proven as an effective method to educate young children, and relies on the following key tenets:

  • Multi-Age Classrooms

  • Child-Centered Learning

  • Teachers as Guides and Facilitators

  • Learning Through Real-Life Experiences

  • Connection To and Through Nature

What makes Montessori unique?

The Montessori philosophy is unique in several ways:

  • The Whole Child Approach: Each child is encouraged to reach full potential in all areas of life.  The child’s physical, emotional, social, aesthetic, spiritual, and cognitive needs are all equally important.

  • The Prepared Environment: The whole learning environment is supportive of the learner.  The focus is on providing opportunities for children to function in a safe and positive classroom.

  • The Montessori Materials: Classroom materials are designed to be multisensory, sequential, and self-correcting.

  • The Teacher: The Montessori teacher is a facilitator of learning.  He or she uses observation of students to determine activities, lessons, and materials to be introduced.

Where can I get more information about Montessori?