Toddler Program

The Montessori method of education focuses on the child as a whole. 

The works provided in the toddler classroom are designed to be developmentally appropriate and stimulating.  They encourage the toddler to be actively engaged in their environment.  The classroom has language, practical life, sensorial, art, and dramatic play areas.  As the children grow in their learning, so do the works in the classroom.

  • 18 Months to 3 Years of Age
  • 2 Day Half Day  or Full Day Program
  • 3 Day Half Day or Full Day Program
  • 5 Day Half Day or Full Day Program
  • Before and After School Available

Our toddler program offers children ages 18 months to three years of age an opportunity for development in a supportive and respectful environment.  The goals of our program are:

  • To instill respect for one’s self and others
  • To encourage self-confidence and independence
  • To foster a positive attitude toward learning
  • To support an inner desire to work through challenges

Inside the Classroom