Our Facilities

Conveniently located off I-90, we are easily accessible from most Cleveland suburbs. 

We currently have two Toddler classrooms, two Children’s House Classrooms, and a Lower and Upper Elementary Classroom. Each class has a Head Teacher and an Assistant Teacher who carefully curate their Montessori materials with your child in mind. 

Maria Montessori believed the classroom should be a prepared environment that would foster independent learning for each child. As a result, our teachers design their classrooms for activity and movement to maintains peace and order for our students. We are dedicated to academic excellence while encouraging freedom of choice and nurturing each child’s love of learning!

Our prepared environments include accessible furniture with a variety of workspaces and materials. All Montessori materials are easy for kids to view and choose, which leads to curiosity and exploration! Our specially trained teachers work with your student to build practical and abstract knowledge in a safe and fun environment.

New in 2022: We recently updated our outdoor classroom and have doubled its size! Students can run, play and enjoy the scenery, as our new fence allows kids to look out over a beautiful creek and wooded area. You can often find everyone running to check out the local wildlife! We’ve also started a community garden where students can help plant, grow, and learn about horticulture.