Children’s House

Our Children’s House classroom is where children really blossom.  Our preschoolers and Kindergarteners are nurtured in the areas of curiosity, creativity, and imagination.

Through a three year cycle and a mixed age classroom, we foster the development of children who search out and accept challenging academics and experiences.  Children are encouraged to live with compassion for others instilled through community service throughout our classrooms, school, and community.

  • 2.5 to 6 Years of Age
  • 5 Day Half Day Program
  • 5 Day Full Day Program
  • 5 Day Full Day State-Recognized Kindergarten Program
  • Before and After Care Available

We offer a variety of interesting and engaging materials and works that encourage learning in the areas of:

  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Science and Botany
  • Geography
  • Sensorial
  • Practical Life

Inside the Classroom