Our Staff

Our teachers believe in the possibilities of human potential.

Each child deserves respect and dignity, no matter their age or ability. As a school, our task is to help each student discover and develop their unique talents. We work to meet each student where they are and support them in learning and growing as individuals!

Toddler Teachers

Tracy Rodgers

Nest Head Teacher

Emily Schroyer

Nest Assistant Teacher

Sarah Skodny

Seedling Head Teacher

Kailyn Joviak

Seedling Assistant Teacher

Children's House Teachers

Kathy Tracey

Pine Room Head Teacher

Molly Saylor

Pine Room Assistant Teacher

Jennifer Cerny

Oak Room Head Teacher

Elementary Teachers

Brynna Uldricks

Treehouse Head Teacher

Katie Kasza

Treehouse Assistant Teacher

Our team members are facilitators of learning.

They closely observe their students to determine which activities, lessons, and materials to introduce at the right time. We believe in using a whole child approach, gently encouraging each child to reach their full potential in all areas of life. Physical, emotional, social, aesthetic, spiritual, and cognitive needs are all equally important in our Montessori classrooms.